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Editorial Fashion Photography is designed as a 6 months or 9month course to enable you to gain a complete scope about fashion photography. These course enables you to explore the image in the context of a fashion story. You will be required to work within a team to develop your style and creative vision. Editorial Fashion Photography is designed as a comprehensive insight into fashion image making while, developing your creative ideas and examining the importance of executing narratives for fashion publications.

This advanced fashion photography course examines fashion photography in the context of producing an editorial for a contemporary magazine layouts.  You will explore different themes to address specific projects for various magazine styles. You will develop your creative eye in creating different narratives for fashion work or portfolio requirements. You will explore shooting on location and in the studio using both flash and natural light. You will be expected to bring your inspirations and develop your personal interests to produce a body of work. This course is aimed at photographers who have some experience as a fashion photographer or have designed their own fashion shoots.

 What will I learn on the course?

  • Work within a team to develop your style and creative ideas.
  • Undertake assignments or commissions with confidence.
  • Work to specific themes and produce visual and written Mind Map.
  • Select  a model, shooting with a team, developing a narrative, styling, equipment, lighting and intro to Photoshop.
  • Selecting camera equipment and  lighting specific for your shoot
  • Examine past and present editorials through a series of lecturers
  • Visit exhibitions and archives for in-depth research and analysis of the fashion spectacle
  • Analyse fashion images and apply their lighting styles to your own practice.
  • Use professional photography equipment and techniques.
  • Selecting images for your portfolio from your fashion shoot.
  • Short projects are set to develop ideas from research skills to planning a shoot.
  • Work on location to create a narrative for an editorial
  • Control the quality, direction and contrast of light with modifiers and reflectors.
  • Presentation for specific publications
  • Access to free workshops and talks

What to expect in class

  • Demonstrations and practice
  • Tutor Presentations
  • Practical Assignments (alone and group work)
  • Individual short-projects
  • Observation
  • Critique/Feedback given and received as a group on your own work and others
  • Discussions
  • Q&A

Expectations of the course

With the tutor, you will examine and discuss examples of current work, photographs and other material from photo-shoots, and work on the development of styling concepts to develop your ability and confidence. There will be lectures, demonstrations and the practical workshops with an emphasis on sharing knowledge and experience, through discussion and group crits. Lecturing will be both in groups and on a one-to-one basis, with advice and feedback depending on the students’ existing skills.

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